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Mary Magdalene Wardrobe 2024

I have never made a wardrobe post for as long as I have been into lolita fashion. The very idea of making one always sounded a little overwhelming. However last year I thought that if I gave myself some limitations it might make the whole ordeal a lot easier. Mary Magdalene has long been my favorite brand for a variety of reasons and especially this past year I have put much more effort into collecting pieces from them. So with that in mind, I present to you all of the Mary Magdalene brand items I currently have in my wardrobe. Including novelties! All of these items I have purchased second hand. Blouses Ecru Rose Blouse  - rose  -   Emanuel Blouse  - brown   Lace Puff Sleeve Blouse  - ivory  -    Lizbeth Tulle Lace Blouse  - ivory   Majolica Blouse - navy  -   Noreen Yoke Blouse  - brown   Ororu Blouse  - ivory  -   Petit Four Blouse  - brown   Pintuck Frill Yoke Blouse  - ivory  -   Puff Sleeve Yoke Blouse  - rose   Ristia Blouse  - ivory Outerwear Cotton Lawn Lace Bolero - ivory 

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